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What Is Mediation?

Mediation can not only resolve disputes and develop agreements in the workplace but can also improve workplace relationships.

Mediation is a structured process for resolving conflict and disputes, with the assistance of a skilled, neutral third party. It is an effective way to manage day to day conflict and disputes in the workplace, as well as an alternative to formal complaint procedures and legal action.

Mediation is generally a confidential process and involves the Mediator proactively assisting the employees in dispute to discuss their issues and concerns in a productive way with a view to resolution, and to negotiate and problem solve effectively with a view to resolution.

Mediation is generally outcome focused with the intention of forming realistic and sustainable agreements between the participants. Many work relationships function significantly better solely from the improved communication as a result of the Mediation process.

The Right Expertise

Conflicts and disputes in the workplace are often highly charged and carry with them some risk to the organisation and the employees,so it is important that the appropriate level of skill is applied to manage them, whether it be internal expertise or external expertise.

Uses in the Workplace

In the workplace it is used for a variety of matters. These include:

  • Managing day to day conflict and disputes
  • Grievances and complaints
  • Injury Management – return to work/suitable duties
  • Managing stress injuries linked to conflict with other employees
  • Conflicts between employees
  • Conflict between employees and their Supervisor/Manager
  • Conflicts within teams