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Essential training for HR professionals, Managers,
and those involved in Industrial Relations and Employment Law. 5 day for Accreditation (March 2019)
NEW 2 DAY COURSE Managing Conflict & Disputes in the Workplace (March)

I thoroughly enjoyed the training style and obvious depth of knowledge, allowing participants to interact and grasp concepts in a really comfortable environment.

The course has changed the way I address conflict situations. I now often ‘information gather’ from a person and allow them to air a complaint as they see it, prior to narrowing down those issues and then generating options.

I think the course has really taught me how to listen and respond. It has significantly increased my genuineness of listening and how important (and useful) it is for complainants to feel listened to.

I really enjoyed the smaller group size, which made training and practice sessions so much easier and less daunting.

It made me understand how to think differently and remain neutral which in my role as a HR Manager is not the norm as my role is essentially to find solutions. I have modified the way I conduct investigations, negotiations etc to ensure that I remain neutral to all parties.

I will be recommending this course to others. It was engaging and quality training. Thank you again for a fantastic course last week!

Great tutors, fabulous participants and I gained an incredible amount of knowledge in the field of mediation.

I was very impressed with this course and with the facilitation.  Much was learned and thank you.

Great knowledge from presenters, given freely at appropriate times. Deeper exploration of real workplace examples was most helpful.

Really great course schedule, adequate breaks and great balance in delivery.  Thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt supported through the process.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  It was really lovely to have two facilitators with such a wonderful dynamic.  It made the learning easy and enjoyable.

Thank you for all your efforts, the pace, content, atmosphere and information. Just loved the course and the group!

Hi Salli, Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me so much last week and especially all the support that you have given me all week!

Dispute Resolution Services and Mediation Training 
Minimising Risk, Adding Value, Improving Well Being.

Everyone knows the impact of conflict on an organisation and its people. On performance, on productivity, on the bottom line and on well being.

Conflict has an impact on every aspect of an organisation, including its customers and clients. When issues in the workplace reach a certain point they are unlikely to go away without appropriate intervention. Even if the problem appears to have been superficially put to rest, it is likely to rear its head whenever stress increases or a new disagreement occurs.

Pathways customised approach is based on a deep understanding of organisational needs and objectives. We have longstanding experience with interpersonal and relational conflict in the workplace as well as an understanding of workplace policy and legal environments, and cultural and political dynamics.

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  • Reduce workers compensation claims
  • Improve staff morale and employee engagement
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Save costs
  • Save time
  • Save internal resources
  • Minimise risk
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation of discussions and meetings
  • Assessment of complaints and conflict situations
  • Specialised Workplace Mediation training
  • Dispute avoidance and confict management training
  • Conflict coaching and individual professional development
  • Development of ADR systems, policy and practice
  • Investigation of complaints
  • High standard of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism
  • Holistic, innovative and practical
  • Fast response and fast delivery
  • The right interventions to suit the situation
  • Facilitate early intervention
  • Free follow up consultation and no obligation response to queries


  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Various industry sectors including:Energy,Financial Services, Health,ICT,Tertiary Education
  • Small and Medium Enterprise’s
  • Community sector(names supplied on request)