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Workplace Mediation Training
5 day course (including Assessment for National Accreditation)
4 days if Assessment not required

Learn process and skills to understand Mediation practice and conduct Mediation. The
course is targeted to Mediation in the workplace but is suitable for anyone wishing to
gain national accreditation as a Mediator.

20 – 22 & 25 – 26 March 2019



I thoroughly enjoyed the training style and obvious depth of knowledge, allowing participants to interact and grasp concepts in a really comfortable environment.

The course has changed the way I address conflict situations. I now often ‘information gather’ from a person and allow them to air a complaint as they see it, prior to narrowing down those issues and then generating options.

I think the course has really taught me how to listen and respond. It has significantly increased my genuineness of listening and how important (and useful) it is for complainants to feel listened to.

I really enjoyed the smaller group size, which made training and practice sessions so much easier and less daunting.

It made me understand how to think differently and remain neutral which in my role as a HR Manager is not the norm as my role is essentially to find solutions. I have modified the way I conduct investigations, negotiations etc to ensure that I remain neutral to all parties.

I will be recommending this course to others. It was engaging and quality training. Thank you again for a fantastic course last week!

Great tutors, fabulous participants and I gained an incredible amount of knowledge in the field of mediation.

I was very impressed with this course and with the facilitation.  Much was learned and thank you.

Great knowledge from presenters, given freely at appropriate times. Deeper exploration of real workplace examples was most helpful.

Really great course schedule, adequate breaks and great balance in delivery.  Thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt supported through the process.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  It was really lovely to have two facilitators with such a wonderful dynamic.  It made the learning easy and enjoyable.

Thank you for all your efforts, the pace, content, atmosphere and information. Just loved the course and the group!

Hi Salli, Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me so much last week and especially all the support that you have given me all week!


Learning Outcomes

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills:

  • to conduct a mediation
  • to effectively apply skills and techniques to mediation and workplace conflict
  • to manage mediation processes within the workplace
  • to understand the nature of workplace conflict
  • to be able to identify when internal or external mediation is appropriate
  • to understand where mediation fits with other policies, processes and legislative framework
  • to understand the role of HR/ ER in mediation
  • to create sustainable solutions

Training components:

  • The course combines presentations, role play scenarios and group exercises. It is a highly experiential and interactive course.
  • Participants benefit from one to one coaching from experienced practitioners while practicing as a Mediator.
  • Those wishing to be assessed in order to demonstrate competency or apply for accreditation under the National Mediation Standards will be assessed as a Mediator in a role play demonstration of 1.5 hours.

Why this course

  • The trainers have significant experience in Mediating workplace disputes, and with various interventions to manage complaints and conflict in the workplace context.
  • The course provides an opportunity to discuss challenging workplace conflict and dispute issues with other workplace professionals and experienced dispute resolution practitioners.
  • Role plays and scenarios are workplace specific.
  • Experienced guest speakers from HR, Organisational Psychology and Employment Law.
  • All coaches and Assessors are experienced workplace mediators.
  • Successfully completing course meets training requirements to apply for accreditation.

The Trainers

Principal trainer Salli Browning is a former CEO of one of Australia’s leading ADR agencies and one of Australia’s most experienced workplace Mediators. She has conducted hundreds of Mediation courses in Australia and in South East Asia. All co trainers are Mediation practitioners with experience in workplace matters.

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, Managers, industrial and employment relations advocates, legal professionals and anyone interested in learning how to Mediate disputes or seek National Mediation Accreditation.


The course runs over 5 days to meet the National Mediation Accreditation Standards of 38 hours. (The Standards also require an assessment of 1.5 hours, which is included in the final day of the course).
Alternatively participants who do not wish to apply for National Mediation Accreditation can attend for 4 days only.
**Participants may also be able to attend training over two training courses.

**National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS)
The NMAS is a voluntary system under which mediators may choose to become nationally accredited through a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB). RMABs must meet certain requirements and are recognised by the Mediator Standards Board (MSB), established to develop and implement the NMAS.
To be accredited under the system mediators must meet minimum standards of training and assessment. Re-accreditation occurs every 2 years and mediators are required to meet the hours of mediation and continued learning/education requirements specified in the Approval Standards. Mediators accredited under the system are also required to comply with the Practice Standards. A copy of each Standard is available at

*Please enquire about cost effective in house training and regional training

Training Location


Cliftons Sydney
60 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000


For 5 days (including assessment), $3,150.Early Bird discount (payment received 6 weeks prior) $2,800. For 4 days $2,520. *(Prices incl GST). *All costs include catering.

  • 10% discount applies when 3 or more employees from an organisation attend the same course, and 20% discount applies when 5 or more employees from an organisation attend the same course.
  • 10% discount applies if a participant has to travel a distance that requires overnight stays in Sydney.
  • 10% discount applies if a participant is an employee or volunteer from a registered not-for-profit organisation.
  • 10% discount applies for students.